The online learning area,, is a new and fun tool for maths and social studies teaching for years 8-10 of state school.

Using three stories about how to save up for further education, move away from home and buy your own property, combines traditional disciplines such as percentage calculations and spreadsheets with everyday finance and financial understanding.

Solid maths tasks requires the use of IT and mathematical formulae to solve real-life challenges.

All questions on have a high academic level and use a mix of core curriculum and practice within different subjects like:

• Jobs and salaries
• Outgoings and budget planning
• Rent
• Currency
• Saving
• Rates
• Investment (shares and bonds) provides a teacher guide, student booklets and a booklet with maths questions, and supports the Home Rule’s learning goals for maths.

Financial understanding

With you learn to plan a secure future for yourself and you gain the financial scope to dream big. And it gives you the skills to achieve your goals.

The game has been developed as an online game for PCs and tablets. You can also use it offline by downloading the game to your PC or sharing it via a USB stick.

The games window is 960 x 540 pixels. can run in both full quality and compromised mode. The latter is better for unreliable Internet connections. was developed by The Bank of Greenland with support from The Bank of Greenland’s Business fund. The games were developed together with Serious Games Interactive, Inerisaavik and Greenlandic pupils and teachers.

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